About Us


Why Ready Mix Concrete?

Established in 2002, MFI Concrete was initially formed to service its parent company Modern Foundations. As a residential construction company, the owners of Modern Foundations sought to create a separate ready mixed company that was capable of serving its many concrete supply needs. As we  grew into our own successful concrete delivery company, we became aware of the rising demand for ready mixed concrete, and continue to expand our fleet in order to meet our customer’s needs!


Pushing Innovation

We decided from the earliest concepts of what kind of company we wanted to be that we would be dedicated to growing with the concrete industry, pushing the cutting edge technology wise, and to repeatably shipping the same quality concrete that we would want delivered to us. We worked tirelessly with multiple vendors to find and customize the products and services that we need to service you best. Outfitted with a modern dispatching system, wireless GPS, and a computerized batch plant updated in late 2017, MFI Concrete is able to ensure on-time deliveries and accurate order completion. 


Delivering Quality. Every Time.

Quality and value to our customers are some of our core driving values. We are committed to delivering quality concrete every time. Strength alone does not mean that our concrete is good quality - workability, finish, ease of working, and a product that our customers are happy with all add up to make quality concrete. In order to ensure that we deliver on these promises, we maintain a state of the art laboratory, highly trained quality control specialists, and enlist outside laboratories and technicians to objectively monitor our performance to ensure that our customers needs are met consistently and accurately. 

The Modern Foundations Family

Modern Foundations

 Modern Foundations, Inc. of Woodbine, Maryland was founded in 1981 by construction experts with a better idea about building: combine proven management principles with comprehensive services, and ongoing innovation, which result in making the homebuilding process simple and reliable for the customer. 


Stone Shooters

In 1997, Modern Foundations identified a need was for a better method of placing stone on jobsites. Two stone slinger trucks were ordered to test if they would reduce the labor involved in spreading stone for new concrete construction. We quickly realized that we had found a service that was in high demand to local contractors and soon added another slinger truck and a telebelt.

Our fleet, and the services we offer, has expanded over the years as well as the technology we use to dispatch and track our trucks to better serve our customers.


Stone Strong of Maryland

Stone Strong is the largest conventionally available block on the market. It is 4 times larger than the competition. Stone Strong has earned a solid reputation for technical innovation, and unmatched product quality. As a producer we offer solid consulting guidance on large wall projects, and unparalleled customer support. Since 2006, these traits have helped make our Stone Strong facility an ideal solution for many clients that are facing challenging site development projects, from shoreline protection and erosion control applications to the most challenging retaining wall installations.