We think different is better

MFI Concrete grew out of a need for a general contractor to have access to timely concrete deliveries. We had experience with the statues quo, and we knew we could be different, do better, and work smarter.

Safety Came First

When we started building our fleet out, we knew we wanted to be safer - not just for our drivers, but for our crews. According to OSHA, over 70 deaths occurred in the United States in 2011 from backing accidents. Our mixers pull straight into your job site, so we can see any obstacles or obstructions, and we have eyes on your crew for the duration of the pour. We also opted for automatic transmissions, so our drivers can focus on you.

Go anywhere. Do anything.

This isn't our motto without reason. Our mixers are 6WD, with lockers on every axle. We will get your job done, on or off pavement. You tell us where to go, we are there.

Get more done

Our trucks utilize hydraulic chutes, operable from within the cab. Our drivers can see you and your crew, and place the concrete where you need it the first time, without raking or breaking your back. We are your "chute man", and we send every truck with 18' of chute, so you can reach even the most difficult spots.

Dimensions and Specifications

Dimensions of Truck 

Height: 13’3" 

Width: 8’ 

Weight (fully loaded 10 yds):

Approximately 70,000 lbs's.